My Pet Matters: Championing Pet Welfare with Chris Stoddard’s Visionary Fundraising


In the realm of charity fundraising, few endeavors resonate as deeply as My Pet Matters, a remarkable initiative fueled by the vision of Chris Stoddard. With a profound passion for animal welfare, Chris, an International Speaker, Author, and Charity Fundraising Specialist, embarked on a mission to revolutionize fundraising for pet charities. In this article, we delve into the invaluable contributions of My Pet Matters and how Chris Stoddard’s visionary approach is changing the landscape of pet welfare.

My Pet Matters: An Oasis for Pet Lovers

“My Pet Matters” embraces pet lovers with a wealth of informative and engaging content. Every month, this platform brings a treasure trove of pet news, expert opinions, financial information, pet product promotions, travel tips, art, fun, and games. The platform is more than a newsletter; it is a celebration of the bond between humans and their beloved animal companions.

Protecting Pets from a Fatal Threat: Heatstroke in Hot Cars

Beyond its enriching content, My Pet Matters takes a strong stance on animal safety. Chris Stoddard, an ardent advocate for animals, raises awareness about the life-threatening dangers of leaving pets in hot cars. Every year, countless animals suffer and die when left unattended in parked cars, exposed to soaring temperatures.

Parked cars act as death traps for dogs, with the interior temperature rising exponentially in a matter of minutes, even on mild days. Animals can succumb to heatstroke in as little as 15 minutes, and dogs are especially vulnerable due to their limited ability to cool themselves.

Through My Pet Matters, Chris urges readers to take action if they spot a distressed dog in a hot car. His guidance and advocacy inspire compassionate individuals to report such incidents promptly to local authorities and offer assistance to the suffering animal.

Promoting Safe and Compassionate Pet Care

My Pet Matters goes beyond raising awareness about heatstroke; it offers valuable tips for responsible pet care. Chris encourages pet owners to be mindful of hot pavements, sidewalks, and asphalt, which can severely burn a dog’s sensitive foot pads. Through practical advice and cautionary guidance, Chris empowers pet lovers to ensure their furry companions’ safety and well-being.

The Legacy of Compassion and Impact

The profound impact of My Pet Matters is a testament to Chris Stoddard’s enduring legacy. By combining his fundraising expertise with a deep love for animals, Chris has created a platform that not only enlightens but also empowers pet charities worldwide. My Pet Matters has become a beacon of hope for these organizations, offering access to advanced fundraising methods, ultimately enhancing their ability to make a difference in the lives of animals.


In the heart of every pet lover, the spirit of My Pet Matters lives on as a tribute to Chris Stoddard’s compassionate vision. Through this transformative platform, Chris has forged a path towards a more compassionate and responsible world for pets. As we read the insightful articles and expert advice in “My Pet Matters,” we are reminded of the profound bond between humans and their furry companions—a bond that Chris Stoddard continues to nurture through his visionary approach to charity fundraising.

Contact Information

To connect with Chris Stoddard and explore the inspiring world of My Pet Matters, visit the official website or utilize the provided contact details.

Alton Road Industrial Estate, Ross-on-Wye HR9 5NB

Business Hours:
Open ⋅ Closes 5 pm

01989 564468

Education Background:
Bachelor of Law, Bar Final Exams, Life Member of Lincoln’s Inn

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My Pet Matters: Championing Pet Welfare with Chris Stoddard’s Visionary Fundraising

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