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Chris Stoddard #ChrisStoddard Hi, I’m Chris Stoddard. I’m an International Speaker, Author and Charity Fundraiser, working and living in Ross on Wye. Find out more about me and read my blog with a click on the button above.

Creating a Pet-Friendly Home: Tips for a Happy and Harmonious Space

At My Pet Matters, we believe that a pet-friendly home is a haven where both pets and humans can coexist in harmony. Designing your living space to accommodate your furry friend’s needs not only enhances their quality of life but also ensures a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner […]

Stay Connected with the My Pet Matters Newsletter

Stay Connected with the My Pet Matters Newsletter! Are you a pet enthusiast eager to stay updated on the latest in the world of pets? Look no further! Introducing the My Pet Matters Newsletter – your monthly dose of all things pet-related. Whether you’re a dedicated pet parent, an animal lover, or simply curious about […]

Supporting Pet Welfare: My Pet Matters and Chris Stoddard

Supporting Pet Welfare: My Pet Matters and Chris Stoddard Amidst the fast-paced modern world, where time often runs thin, My Pet Matters and Chris Stoddard stand as champions of compassion, dedicating themselves to the welfare of our four-legged companions. My Pet Matters, a charitable organisation, and its founder Chris Stoddard, are on a mission to […]

Chris Stoddard – Raisemore #ChrisStoddard

#Raisemore #ChrisStoddard#MondayMinuteQuick Tip for Small Charity Fundraising!

Fun Ways to Help Your Children Bond with Their Pet

Bringing a pet into your family is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn responsibility, empathy, and companionship. To foster a strong bond between your children and their furry friend, engaging in fun activities that involve both play and care is essential. Here are some creative ideas to help your children build a deeper connection […]

In this episode we look at the similarities between charity fundraising, and crowdfunding for businesses in this modern age. As we discuss building your business and brand online, we talk about getting a good mailing list for charity fundraising – people’s misunderstanding of fundraising rules, and how we can build our client base. We then […]

Chris Stoddard Fundraising

Raisemore: Freelance fundraising for smaller charities. Find out how Raisemore can bring in regular new income to your charity from Trusts, Companies and Individual donations. See how we can help today. Why Raisemore? Reduced cost – its very likely your fundraising costs will come down and effectiveness improve Expertise – You will have a team […]

Chris Stoddard, Raisemore

Welcome back to another episode of the Worcester Business Podcast! Here we have a great conversation with Chris Stoddard of Raisemore. Chris has been working in charity fundraising for about 40 years and has had some fantastic accomplishments.  Chris is an expert in small charity fundraising – helping smaller charities secure the funding they need […]

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