Chris Stoddard: The Fundraising Visionary Revolutionising Small Charity Fundraising

Introduction: Chris Stoddard In the world of charity fundraising, there are individuals who stand out as true visionaries, committed to making a difference. One such individual is Chris Stoddard, an International Speaker, Author, and Charity Fundraising Specialist with an astounding 40 years of experience in the field. Chris is also the esteemed CEO of RaiseMore, […]

15 Problems when Fundraising for Small Charities

Donor Fatigue: Small charities often struggle to maintain donor engagement due to an overwhelming number of donation requests and appeals, leading to donor fatigue. Limited Resources: Small charities usually have limited staff, budget, and time to dedicate to fundraising efforts, making it challenging to execute comprehensive campaigns. Competition from Established Charities: Larger and more well-known […]

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