Clearlight Media: Pioneers in Marketing to Seniors

Expertise in Advertising to the Over-60s Market

Clearlight Media, a specialist in senior marketing, uniquely focuses on the over 60s market in the UK. They provide bespoke advertising solutions to businesses and charities aiming to connect with this affluent demographic. This segment, known for having the highest disposable income in the UK, represents a significant opportunity for targeted marketing. Contemporary economic studies highlight the considerable spending power of retirees, underscoring the potential benefits of engaging with this group.

Engaging Active Retirees: Tailored Publications and Marketing Services

Clearlight Media’s commitment to the senior market led to the creation of tailored publications such as ‘Our Place’ and ‘My Pet Matters.’ ‘Our Place’, a dynamic platform for active retirees, has been a cornerstone of senior-focused marketing since 2006 with a vast subscription base. ‘My Pet Matters’, with its strong online presence and substantial email list, followed in 2013. These platforms serve as effective tools for businesses seeking direct marketing channels to the senior demographic.

Targeted Advertising Opportunities and Adherence to GDPR

Offering various senior-targeted advertising opportunities, Clearlight Media provides access to their exclusive postal subscriber lists. These include the subscribers of ‘Our Place’ and ‘My Pet Matters’, alongside a comprehensive prospect list of 3 million households. Additionally, they offer geo-targeting for social media advertising, ensuring that promotional efforts reach the most financially comfortable seniors. Importantly, all marketing efforts are GDPR compliant, upholding the highest standards of data protection and ethical advertising practices.

Secure and Efficient Access to Senior Marketing Data

Respecting the security and privacy of its subscribers and clients, Clearlight Media ensures a secure and vetted environment for data sharing in the realm of senior marketing. Clients can easily register to access Clearlight Media’s resources, highlighting the company’s dedication to transparency and ease of use.

Clearlight Media: Pioneers in Marketing to Seniors

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