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Raisemore: Freelance fundraising for smaller charities. Find out how Raisemore can bring in regular new income to your charity from Trusts, Companies and Individual donations. See how we can help today. Why Raisemore? Reduced cost – its very likely your fundraising costs will come down and effectiveness improve Expertise – You will have a team of fundraising professionals with experience in both offline and online Control – Access to your own Creative elements, such as social media and direct mail campaigns meaning total control over content sent out Choice – have as much or as little involvement as you wish and enjoy a fundraising package tailored exactly to your needs. Brand – Raisemore realises that though there are few financial risks we need to protect the Charity’s brand and have this at the forefront in all activity we complete Do you know how to target your donors effectively? Are you engaging with your fundraisers in the right way or even at all? Take our survey and find out now. Small charities often struggle to compete for funds against the bigger, better resourced national organisations. Raisemore clients get the benefit of all the advanced techniques used by the big charities without having to recruit expensive in-house fundraisers. How Raisemore works? Your own external fundraising resource Once we have done our homework, Raisemore acts as an extension to your own fundraising department. We can compliment your current fundraising efforts by running alongside your own activities. Our work gives you more time to focus on the charity aspects that are close to your heart, while being at ease in the knowledge Raisemore is delivering your message effectively and appropriately. We do this with the help of an evolving document that we call a Case for Support. This allows us to tap into your charity’s key goals and identify the areas that we can maximise donations. Committed Not only that, our digital team produce a Digital Audit to highlight your success online, and recommend ways to improve your charity’s digital presence. And we’re not finished there; Raisemore brings professionalism to the art of fundraising. We do this through our experience, our attitude and our desire to be better with each passing day. #chrisStoddard#raisemore#fundraising We are open, honest and deliver on our fundraising promise. So the question to ask is, how committed are you about achieving your charity’s goals? If it’s as strong as ours, let’s do it – let’s raise more! See how Raisemore will build a solid, sustainable fundraising programme.

Chris Stoddard Fundraising

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