Chris Stoddard – The Fundraising Blueprint

In this episode we look at the similarities between charity fundraising, and crowdfunding for businesses in this modern age. As we discuss building your business and brand online, we talk about getting a good mailing list for charity fundraising – people’s misunderstanding of fundraising rules, and how we can build our client base. We then talk about mistakes people make with fundraising – specific charity examples / strength of direct mail. Then strategies that work compared with some ways of thinking that might be holding them back. Then we talk about getting charity donations for funerals in memoriam. Chris then speaks about funnels & strategies of getting donations from wills and building on direct debits, with an overarching them of how small charities can compete with the big boys Then we move in to your book specialising in GDPR for charities – what charities can and can’t do under data protection / ico / ecr We end it with a bit about recent fundraising and Ukraine. About Chris Stoddard International Speaker, Author & Charity Fundraising Specialist, Open University course contributor, triple award-winning charity direct mail copywriter | CEO @ RaiseMore | £20m+ raised for charities globally | For more information check out Raisemore and some of Chris Stoddard’s social channels: Raisemore:… Follow Chris on Twitter: Chris Stoddard on The Worcester Business Podcast:……   • Chris Stoddard   The Worcester Busine…  #chrisStoddard#raisemore#CharityFundraising

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