Limited Resources in Charity Fundraising

Limited Resources in Charity Fundraising: Navigating the Path to Impact

Introduction: Charity fundraising serves as the lifeblood of non-profit organisations, empowering them to address critical societal issues and make a positive impact. However, a significant challenge faced by many charitable organisations, particularly smaller ones, is the constraint of limited resources. The scarcity of funds, manpower, and time can hinder their ability to execute comprehensive fundraising […]

Donor Fatigue: The Struggle of Small Charities to Sustain Support

Introduction: Donor fatigue, a prevalent challenge faced by small charities, poses a significant obstacle in their mission to bring about positive change. As the charitable landscape becomes increasingly crowded, potential donors are inundated with numerous donation requests and appeals from various causes. This saturation of appeals can lead to donor fatigue, wherein individuals feel overwhelmed, […]

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