Chris Stoddard of Raisemore FAQ

Here are 15 FAQs about Chris Stoddard:

What is Chris Stoddard’s background?

Chris Stoddard is an International Speaker, Author, and Charity Fundraising Specialist. He is also the CEO of RaiseMore.

How long has Chris been working in charity fundraising?

Chris has been working in charity fundraising for about 40 years.

What is Chris’ area of expertise in charity fundraising?

Chris is an expert in small charity fundraising, helping smaller charities secure the funding they need to support their cause and run effective and long-lasting charities.

What made Chris start his business, RaiseMore?

This information is not specified in the article.

Where has Chris’ career taken him?

Chris has been a keynote speaker at fundraising conferences in the UK, USA, Australia, and South Africa.

What are some of Chris’ contributions in the voluntary sector?

Chris was the past chairman of the Association of Fundraising Consultants and a major contributor to the Open University Fundraising Course (Direct Marketing Module). He has also contributed many articles to Professional Fundraising magazine and others.

How much money has Chris raised for charities globally?

Chris has successfully raised over £20 million for clients based in the UK, USA, Australia, and South Africa.

What are some of Chris’ publications?

Chris is the author of several books, including “The New Data Protection Law – A Basic Guide,” “Tax Efficient Giving – A Basic Guide,” and “Direct Mail Fundraising.” He is also the editor of “First Monday,” the monthly email newsletter for fundraisers.

What are Chris’ areas of expertise in fundraising?

Chris has expertise in individual giving by all giving methods, including direct mail, telephone, and personal solicitation. He is also a skilled copywriter, having written over 850 successful direct mail appeals.

What are some of Chris’ successful fundraising campaigns?

Some of Chris’ successful fundraising campaigns include WWF member and donor acquisition campaigns, BTCV donor acquisition, Help the Aged donor acquisition, and Soil Association donor appeal.

What is Raisemore and what does it offer?

Raisemore is a small charity fundraising team that offers reduced costs, expertise, control, choice, and brand protection for its clients.

Who are Raisemore’s clients?

Raisemore’s clients are small charities that often struggle to compete for funds against larger, better-resourced national organizations.

How does Raisemore help small charities?

Raisemore provides small charities with access to advanced techniques used by larger charities without having to recruit expensive in-house fundraisers.

How can I contact Chris Stoddard?

You can contact Chris Stoddard at 07976 550985 or by email at

What is Chris’ education background?

Chris has a Bachelor of Law and has completed Bar Final Exams. He is also a Life Member of Lincoln’s Inn.

Chris Stoddard of Raisemore FAQ

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